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In my professional life, I have come into contact with many different companies, entrepreneurs, and shareholders as well as numerous managers. I have spent a lot of time working together with some of them. In my experience, it is often easier to take care of concrete tasks, projects, customers, or contracts than to devote oneself to working on strategic partnerships, complex structures, corporate organisations and, above all, the soft elements of people and culture.

However, I am firmly convinced that it is precisely the topics above that are one of the actual primary tasks of successful entrepreneurs. From my point of view, often a competition arises between working ‘on’, as opposed to ‘in’, the company. In actual practice, the sequence is often to work first ‘in’ and then, if there is time left over, ‘on’ the company. Yet we all know that in busy organisations there is little, if any, time left over after the work ‘in’ the company. From the outset, this time must be reserved consistently and with equal passion.

I have made the decision to invest my time as consistently as possible in assisting entrepreneurs and managers, distributing my knowledge and long-term experience as well as serving as a sparring partner in the practical management of such tasks.

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I was born in Germany and I possess more than 25 years of professional and leadership experience, spanning the entire career path, up to and including C-level positions. I have experience in a variety of sectors, including energy & environment, ICT & software development, real estate & construction and manufacturing industry.

I have supported, helped shape and been responsible for numerous different transformation, evolution and transaction processes. I am well-versed in the development process, from start-up to production-ready provider, in dynamically growing and rapidly scaling business models. In addition, as a managing director, I have actively shaped and been responsible for megatrends, from Organisation 4.0 to digitalisation and agile working environments to hybrid employment.

My professional experience also includes the implementation of certified quality and risk management systems as well as so called critical infrastructures. I have expertise in the field of information security, and I was active for many years on a working committee set up for this purpose with the German federal authorities. 

I hold a degree in industrial engineering and have worked for many years in a broad range of commercial and technological fields. With my strongly developed interdisciplinary background, I feel particularly at home at the interface of business administration and technology. More recently, information technology, software development, digitalisation and agile organisation have made up a notable share of my work.

I always take great pleasure in actively developing complex and changing corporate organisations, including the managers and executives working within them.

I launched the ENTERNEERING® initiative with the aim of sharing my knowledge and experience as well as helping executives gain more resilience by empowerment.

I wish you the best of luck, perseverance and consistency in the practical application of Enterneering®

Abu Dhabi, October 2023

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Professional and
Leadership Experience

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  • General Management
  • Corporate & Organisation Development
  • BA, Commercial & Finance Management
  • Portfolio Analysis & Management


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  • Energy and Utility Industry
  • Real Estate & ICT/Software
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Manufacturing Industry


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  • Medium-sized Enterprises
  • International Large Corporations
  • Municipal Enterprises
Sandy Pfund

The Vision

ENTERNEERING® is equated worldwide with applied enterprise engineering at the top executive level.

"Entrepreneurs who devote themselves with dedication and passion to work 'on' their company and the people working in it create the conditions for sustainable growth and success."

Sandy Pfund

The Mission

Acceleration of the global understanding of the work ENTERNEERS® perform and the value they bring to any corporate organisation.

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All about Enterneering®

Your Way

Learn more about how to achieve resilience by empowerment in the digital VUCA age here.

  • Empower yourself to work more effectively and consistently 'on' your business rather than 'in' it. 
  • Aspire to transition from micromanagement to macromanagement. 
  • Continuously expand your knowledge in enterprise leadership and train your personal skills while on the job. 
  • Make your company and yourself fit for successful growth and change in digital age. 
  • Assemble your individual action guide, save your favourites, and use helpful tools for planning, implementing, and monitoring your goals in effective Enterneering®.

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